Last Night: A Short Story

I had never seen myself as a girly-girl, until last night when I almost fought a man over my hair. It sounds dramatic when I put it long story short, but I feel like if you heard what happened, you’d see it was warranted.


After being out and about downtown, a friend of mine (we’ll call him Rainy for story purposes) invited me to a pool near his apartments after bar close. I accepted the invitation and found myself drinking a gin and tonic at Rainy’s apartment with him, a I guy we’ll call Lester, a girl with the code name Karen, and lastly Stan. We changed into our swimsuits at what seemed to be the same moment as a storm started rolling in. But, did this stop a group of youngins in their early 20’s? No.

We walked out of the apartment to find a middle-American land hurricane. It was a torrential downpour. And the indoor pool we were headed toward was a good distance to get soaked. We nominated Rainy to lead us to the pool because it was dark and the rest of us had never been there before. He took his new position to heart and started running across the courtyard to a street that crossed over to the pool. I heard screaming in the rain ahead of me and looked up to see Rainy wipe out in the middle of the road because he tripped over the curb. (This street was a dead end and it was early in the morning, don’t worry he wasn’t going to get ran over.) I burst into laughter and made sure he was okay before we continued on to the building.

Once we got there, Lester and Karen, who didn’t know each other but left the bar together, decided they wanted to head back to the apartment to get dry clothes for later. They left for a good minute while Rainy, Stan and I chilled in the indoor pool. They were in the pool and I was standing on the ledge. Lester and Karen came back to announce that Rainy’s door was locked and they couldn’t get into the apartment. But, before they could announce it, Lester ran and pushed me into the pool. Me and my brand new high lights hit the chlorine water before I could scream “no.”

If you’re not familiar with the risks of being in chlorine after bleaching your hair, it has a tendency to turn the blonde green. Not only did I pay a pretty penny to get my hair done, but I also have a wedding to attend on Saturday. A wedding that my ex, that I haven’t seen in two years, will be a groomsman in. The following couple weeks I will be a bridesmaid in a different wedding. This was not the time to have green hair people!

Okay, back to the story. I got out of the pool to find a towel for my hair and Lester and Karen had already taken Roy to the apartment to let them in. At that point, it was just me and Stan grabbing everyone else’s clothes and cups to take them back to the apartment. As we cleaned, I ranted to Stan about the important events I had coming up. He patiently listened and kept telling me how he understood why I was mad.

We crossed the street and the courtyard back to Rainy’s apartment where Rainy and Lester are standing in the airway. My trek across the yard was enough for me to decide that I had a few extra words for Lester for throwing me into a pool. By words, I mean I  came at him with my fists up.

I screamed at him, “Do you think we’re in high school!? I’m a grown woman! I paid money for this hair! And you just want to horseplay!?”

Rainy and Stan make an effort to hold me back by stepping in between us. Lester put his hands up in defense.

“Why are you so mad!?” he screamed, “it’s just a pool!”

Stan pushed Lester into the house and Rainy stayed outside to try to calm me down. Remember, Rainy initiated this after party and had been drinking enough to not remember this conversation this morning.

“What happened?” Rainy asked.

“What do you mean what happened!?” I questioned. “You were there! You saw him push me into the pool!”

His eyes got big and he started to look mad.

“He pushed you in the pool?” he asked.

“Yes!” I screamed. “That’s what this whole fight is about!”

He stumbled to the door and screamed for Lester to come outside. I could hear Lester refusing before Rainy counted him down like a child to come outside. Lester made it clear he was coming out because he wanted to, and not because Rainy was making him. Rainy stepped up as the mediator in our argument until we settled on Lester agreeing to pay for my hair to get fixed if it turned green before the wedding. Lester happily agreed and apologized for acting like a child and messing around with people he didn’t know.

In hindsight, I had woken up yesterday morning complaining that I was cranky. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone out when I woke up knowing I wasn’t capable of tolerating ignorance.

Lesson learned.