You Got Team AMN to LA!


**Thank you SO much to everyone who helped me meet, and pass, my goal of $800. Rather you supported financially or morally, I am so thankful for your investment in my education.

24 days ago, I set my goal to raise $800, by donation only, for an educational business trip with my team in Innovative Public Relations.

Today, I flew into LAX with $996.99.
(**All funds not used during this trip will be donated to save the graduate position in IPR.**)

My team and I have been awake for 14 hours and it’s only 2 p.m. (PT). In the amount of time we have been in California, we have met with account executives at Ogilvy, grabbed lunch with the COO of SAM Preccelerator Program and took a detour to ride the Santa Monica ferris wheel. The day is only halfway over and we’ve only scratched the surface of what LA has to offer us.

If you’d like to keep up with Team AMN on this crazy ride, follow Innovative Public Relations’ Twitter handle: @UCMInnovativePR

If you want to check out the full story from the beginning, visit

Thank you, again, for all of your support. I can’t believe this is happening.


Help Get Team AMN to LA!: Meet the “M”

Team AMN flies out in ****THREE DAYS****. Today, meet the “M” in Team AMN, then help by clicking here.

Mark Bartlett is the contact force behind our team. He is in charge of reaching out to the human resources Team AMN needs to get our projects done. He also works closely with digital media production students to ensure all videography projects are completed with objectives and deadlines in mind.


To give you some insight into Mark’s life, he is a Public Relations major from Lamar, Missouri. He is also pursuing a minor in Business and Administration and currently serves as treasurer of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Mark interned at Aspen Contracting in Lee’s Summit, where he worked in the marketing department and helped the recruiting staff with their design projects. This is Mark’s first semester working in Innovative PR and he is excited to expand his education outside of the classroom. After graduation, Mark hopes to pursue a career in the agency world, but is open to the many career paths Public Relations offers.

This team could not have achieved nearly as much without the “M” in Team AMN, nor could we have come so far without the “A” or the “N.” We are a team, and so we travel as such. The tickets have been bought and packing has begun! If you would like to help me travel with this amazing team, please don’t hesitate to donate.

As always, this is possible. This is attainable, but this time it’s “this is happening!”

Thank you, again, to everyone who has gone out of their way to show me their support. Your kindness means the world to me and brings tears to my eyes every day. Check out my “Meet the Team” section tomorrow when I cover my role within the team.

Help Get Team AMN to LA! Update.

This week, Team AMN has begun transitioning into final projects for our client. This includes creating a media contact list that will be used when sending out information like press releases, feature stories and more. Another final project includes creating a promotional package for next semester’s IPR students. It will be used to gain mutually beneficial partnerships for Fuegorita in the future.

My team and I are working hard to have our final evaluation ready to be presented by Nov. 9. The compassion I’ve witnessed from my friends and family has been overwhelming with the raising of $345. (This total is higher than the gofundme figure because of cash and check donations.)

Now, I have *TWO WEEKS* to raise the rest. Keep in mind, your donation does not go to the entire team, it specifically funds my portion of the trip. You can help by clicking here, or if you feel uncomfortable donating through gofundme, comment and we can set up a different method.

Thank you for taking interest in this incredible opportunity. This is possible. This is attainable. This will happen.

I Haven’t Stopped Becoming a Woman in College

Innovative Public Relations, the student-led PR firm on UCM’s campus has given me so many realworld experiences. I’ve been able to work on community outreach, create content for promotional videos and so much more. While working with our LA-based client, my team (Team AMN) and I realized we had the opportunity to add one more realworld experinece before the end of the semester. We could fly to LA on a business trip to give our client the final presentation of our work.

From Nov. 9 to Nov. 12, Team AMN, and our advisor, will be flying to Los Angeles where we will not only give our presentation, but network with other PR pros. We will also tour a marketing, advertising and PR agency named Ogilvy. They have helped build the images of companies like American Express, Barbie and Maxwell House.

In order for this trip to be possible, each of us has to raise $800 to pay for plane tickets, transportation, food and other travel expenses. We have factored in “emergency funds” into this total, so whatever we do not use will be donated back into Innovative Public Relations to help save the Graduate Assistant position (he’s the person that mentors the rest of us.)

This is a HUGE opportunity for my program because my team is the first in eight years to work with clients on a national level.

This is a HUGE opportunity for my team because we will be able to experience a “real world” agency lifestyle.

This is a HUGE opportunity for me because I’ve never been on a plane.. or west of Kansas, really!

Lastly, I’d like to say that there is no monetary value that I can place on the morral support that I have received from my family members, friends and collegues. Every “good job” and “keep it up” has not gone unnoticed. They have helped me to learn that I really can do anything I set my mind to.

This time, I am setting my mind to this business trip.

Please support TEAM AMN in getting us to Los Angeles by clicking here. We will forever be grateful for your contribution to our education, careers and life experiences.

Update 10/22

This past week, my team and I worked with digital media production students to create the commercial aspect of the projects we’re working on for our LA-based client. In all, we had about 110 students taste the product and give us feedback through interviews. We even got a couple of professors involved and were able to take our efforts into a classroom, where we talked with PR students about our public relations efforts.

Fuegorita banner

Team AMN is on the way to completing our projects. Now, I need *YOUR* help to get to LA so that we can present our work as a team.

Go to to find the full story and make a donation.



I’m just sitting here waiting for my car inspection to get done. I’ll skip the panic and fumbles it took to get me to this small town auto shop, and go straight to the lesson learned. 

Ironically, my lesson has nothing to do with cars. I’m still clueless in that area. It does have to do with this limbo land I’ve found myself in. My classmates have always been a year or two older than me, and my peers have been much older than that. I’ve always done well at saying the right thing and acting the appropriate way to somehow gain the friendship of those wiser. The difference in mental maturity was never noticable, until maybe now. 

One on one conversations with friends have opened my eyes to how differently I see the world. It became apparent when those I related with during their “free spirited lost days” had somehow formed a plan for years down the road. They’re no longer wondering what they want to do with their degree, they’re paving a path to reach whatever they deem as “making it.” 

Lord, I’m still not there. I’m still working toward graduation, let alone plans for after. These 21-24 year olds lead me to question why I’m not where they are, but the fact of the matter is, one year is a world of difference in this limbo land of early 20’s. 

Who knows if I’ll still be lost by the time I reach 20, but seeing as how 20 is right around the corner, I’m just going to say I’m still a lost girl becoming a woman in college. 

“What’s wrong with Nickey?”

For all of you who were gracious enough to give me advice on my housing situation, I think a plan may be falling into place. But first, I need to get you caught up on some of the events that have happened since 2017 began.

The initial “impasse” I mentioned with my landlord turned out to be a foreshadow of what was to come. Things came to a boiling point toward the end of Christmas break. Harsh words were said, tears were fled, and I lost my bed. (No I’m not a poet, but I liked the way it sounded.) Essentially, we came to the agreement that I didn’t want to be there and he didn’t want me there.

To avoid going into detail, I spent the week before last with my belongings in three different locations and slept on a couple couches. I missed two days of work and fell behind in classes. I started questioning what kind of person I was to have become the homeless girl in this college town. You might be thinking, “Girl go ahead with that studio apartment you talked about!” Well, it’s not that easy. I had already gone the day before everything blew up and signed a lease for August because my lease at my old place wasn’t over until the end of July.

Thankfully, I have an amazing support system where I work. “Family atmosphere” is an understatement when it comes to my coworkers and myself. As soon as I told them my situation, one of them opened up her home to me and gave me her spare bedroom. I collected my things from the places they were spread out over and moved in last Monday.

I can’t explain my gratitude to her because there are no words to say to someone who is willing to open their home to me. She thinks I ignore her, but I’m just trying to process everything that’s happened this semester. I’m trying to get caught up at work, in school, and make sure not to neglect the friends who helped me move. I have a hard time opening up and showing these emotions now because I’ve done nothing but show my emotions for the past two months. It’s become hard to express anything but stress. And I hate it.

I’m sure I will open up to her eventually. But, as for now I’m just trying to figure out where to go next because she will be moving in May. At first, I thought about this with the ultimate dread. I’ve been up and down the streets of this town, meeting every landlord possible for the lease I signed in August. I couldn’t fathom trying to run back through that list and ask if they would accept temporary tenants. But, luckily, I don’t think I’m going to have to.

Today, I sat in a study abroad session. They talked about the experiences, the food, and the wonderful people they met. They discussed the financial ease it is to be able to go through the university for exchange student opportunities. They showed me the options I have to fund the trip and the many places I could go. So, what if what I thought was doom and gloom was just God’s way of answering my prayers to travel?

With no rental commitments for the summer, it seems to me the best opportunity to become the gypsy I’ve always wanted to be. Maybe Thailand? Maybe Jamaica? Maybe Czech Republic? Having no obligations other than work, which can be worked around, for the summer might be exactly what I asked for.

So, I promised you a plan. It’s a loose plan. But it’s a plan. First, live with my lovely coworker until May, then be a gypsy, then move into my (beautiful) villa in August.

Honestly, what else do I have to lose while becoming a woman in college?