First Week? I’m Weak.

“No drinking or eating in my classroom…no cellphones on the desk…don’t be late, this is your job…you will be penalized for late work..”

The majority of high school students around the country are getting lulled to sleep by the monotonous speeches of syllabus week. Oh how I miss that lullaby.

This semester marks the beginning of my junior year of college, and if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it is that a collegiate syllabus is the bible of a course. Unlike high school, the syllabus is referred to MULTIPLE times throughout the semester. They have valuable information like deadlines, office hours, and study tips that I’m sure I’ll be panicking over later in the semester. They are a professor’s form of a contract in which they like to say, “well, you had the syllabus! You should have known!”

The only question I have, after an hour of losing my sanity from combing through these documents is, “how many times do you think we’ll hear the professor say ‘check the syllabus’ this semester?”

Time will only tell.








I just got out of bible study about 10 minutes ago. While there, someone said something to me (who does not usually attend our specific bible study) that really got to me. I join a certain group of people every Thursday to talk about how to include God in the midst of being a college student. The reason I continue to go back to this group is because of the transparency of our relationship with one another. In the time we spend together, we discuss the details of life that “regular” churches don’t like to touch on. We discuss alcohol, sex, different religions, drugs and anything else that is often hushed.

I can honestly say, because of the opportunity this group gives me to be open and honest about what I am going through, my relationship with God has been strengthened, for lack of a better term. To be more clear, our relationship has grown in ways that I didn’t think possible. I think I connect this clarity of relationship with the transparency of my bible study. To give an example, I once heard someone say, “I struggle with physical attraction to women. When it comes to pornography, I can’t stop myself. What can I do about this?” And for a man to come out in the midst of women, our youth group leader, even God Himself and be that honest showed me that that was what God meant by brothers and sisters in Christ. We should be able to come to one another with anything, just like we should be able to go to God with anything. We are supposed to listen to one another and help one another, each of these being aspects of relationships, worldly and Godly.

Tonight, our topic was relationships, worldly and Godly. While discussing with my group, I was told I was “getting too personal.” That is something I most definitely have a problem with. How in the world could I be too personal with a being who physically created me? We, as Christians, go out and tell the world that “God already knows everything. We can’t tell Him anything that He hasn’t heard before. Go to one another, in Christ, and lean on one another.” Then we tell each other that something being said is “too personal.” Listen here, buddy. God knows when I pick my nose, when I fart in public and when I get my period. There is NOTHING that I can say that would be “too personal” for Him to hear. As far as who I worship with, they’re going to have to deal with the flowery parts as well as the raunchy!

I think this is part of the problem with Christianity in the churches today. We try to act as if we’re not humans who struggle. We sit around, quoting the bible, acting high and mighty when everyone knows so-and-so went out Friday night, and brother so-and-so has a drinking problem, etc. Have we ever stopped to think that if we addressed what we were struggling with – our PERSONAL problems – that we wouldn’t have such a hard time overcoming them? Have we ever stopped to think that our attitude towards hiding the bad parts of life is why people shy away from church?

Here’s a little challenge for my Christ followers out there: this week, talk to someone about the gross parts of your life that you’re struggling with. Talk to someone about why your heart is broken, or why you’re mad at God or the addictions you face daily. From personal experience, that is what helps grow a relationship with God. As far as those that shy away from church because of that judgmental atmosphere, call me up. You have a place with us college kids that like to take things personal.

Who knew I would get so heated while becoming a woman in college?